Photography is a way to share what I have seen but is it a fully fledged art form, or just a means to testify? I believe it is just a tool in the aid of giving testimony and that photographs taken for the pure purpose of creating "beauty" are often barren. This does not mean testimony must be simply utilitarian as the human nature longs for art and beauty.

Photography is a passion, an endless drive for perfection, for the purity that cannot be found in any techinique but resides in the connection made, often in an instant, between the persons on both sides of a lens.

Photography cannot exist without sharing ... as that is how we grow. Join the community at CAPTURE360.NET


YANN ARTHUS-BETRAND: I feel priviledged to have seen one of the open air exhibitions of his "Earth from the Air" series.

NEIL TURNER: Excellent content about using light in photography. It is not too often that a working pro decides to tell all as Neil has been for several years now.

STROBIST: Filling many with the motivation to go out and shoot and what a gold mine it is.


GALLERY 2: Free open source photo web gallery creation tool. A perfect example of what the open source community is about.

PEDRO GILBERTO: Creator of the theme used here.

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